/ˈpænəl / (say 'panuhl)

1. a distinct portion or division of a wall, ceiling, door, shutter, etc., or of any surface sunk below or raised above the general level, or enclosed by a frame or border.
2. a pane, as in a window.
3. a comparatively thin, flat piece of wood or the like.
4. Painting
a. a flat piece of wood of varying kinds on which a picture is painted.
b. a picture painted on such a piece of wood.
5. a photograph much longer in one dimension than the other.
6. a broad strip of the same or another material set vertically, as for ornament, in or on a woman's dress, etc.
7. the section between two bands on the spine of a bound book.
8. Electricity a division of a switchboard containing a set of related cables, plugs, relays, etc.
9. the portion of a truss between adjacent chord joints.
10. a surface or section of a machine on which controls, dials, etc., are mounted: the instrument panel of a car.
11. Law
a. the list of persons summoned for service as jurors.
b. the body of persons composing a jury.
12. any list or group of persons, as one gathered to answer questions, discuss issues, etc.
13. Aeronautics a subdivision of the surface of an aerofoil or fuselage.
14. Mining an area of a coal seam, separated for mining purposes from adjacent areas by extra-thick masses or ribs of coal.
15. the cushion or pad in a saddle separating the framework from the horse's back.
16. a slip of parchment.
17. an approximate measure of distance used in horseracing, etc., from the distance between fence posts.
verb (t) (panelled or, US, paneled, panelling or, US, paneling)
18. to arrange in, or furnish with, panels.
19. to ornament with a panel or panels.
20. to set in a frame as a panel.
21. to empanel.
{Middle English panel, from Old French: piece (of anything), from Latin pannus rag}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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